Hello, my name is Roger and as of publishing this site, I have adopted a vegan diet. I met my wife-to-be, Emily, back in January of 2016 and before then I was a voracious omnivore.  My lifestyle was not a very healthy one, in fact my cholesterol was bordering on heart attack.  When I met Emily and she told me about her experience with a vegan diet and its many benefits, I began a journey with her at my side to better my health.  Up until this point my diet consisted of eating vegan 90% of the time and eating meat the rest.  So when we went out to eat I would order something carnivorous.

I’ve teetered on this decision for a while now. I’ve witnessed the benefits firsthand of eating vegan and I feel this is a journey that I must proceed forward with.  So here I am with this blog, in hopes that I can assist someone who is attempting to take on this journey, or assist someone who is attempting to put a delicious spin on vegetables in order to incorporate them into their diet, most importantly, this allows me to keep moving forward.  I don’t expect people to up and change their lifestyle, and that is certainly not the purpose of this blog.  I am simply attempting to educate the few (and one day potentially the masses) in a way where they can dip their toe in the water and eventually one day be waist-deep in this lifestyle.

With all this said, there is only one person I have to thank for being here and for being my inspiration.  I dedicate this blog to my partner, best friend, and soul mate, Emily.  Without her I wouldn’t be the man I am today.